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By event: Føroyameistarastevnan 2018 (25m)

Below all events are listed by event. Click on the event to see seeded heatlists and results for this event.

# Event Sponsor StartlistResults
1 expand   100m Frísvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
2 expand   50m Firvald Menn  Entry list
3 expand   200m Blandað Kvinnur  Entry list
4 expand   200m Bringusvimjing Menn  Entry list
5 expand   800m Frísvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
6 expand   1500m Frísvimjing Menn  Entry list
7 expand   50m Firvald Kvinnur  Entry list
8 expand   200m Ryggsvimjing Menn  Entry list
9 expand   100m Ryggsvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
10 expand   200m Blandað Menn  Entry list
11 expand   50m Bringusvimjing Kvinnu  Entry list
12 expand   100m Frísvimjing Menn  Entry list
13 expand   4X100m Frísvimjing Kvinnu  Entry list
14 expand   4X100m Blandað Menn  Entry list
15 expand   400m Frísvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
16 expand   100m Firvald Menn  Entry list
17 expand   200m Firvald Kvinnur   
18 expand   400m Frísvimjing Menn  Entry list
19 expand   100m Bringusvimjing Kvinn  Entry list
20 expand   50m Ryggsvimjing Menn  Entry list
21 expand   200m Ryggsvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
22 expand   100m Blandað Menn  Entry list
23 expand   400m Blandað Kvinnur   
24 expand   100m Bringusvimjing Menn  Entry list
25 expand   50m Frísvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
26 expand   50m Frísvimjing Menn  Entry list
27 expand   4X100m Blandað Kvinnur  Entry list
28 expand   4X100m Frísvimjing Menn   
29 expand   1500m Frísvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
30 expand   800m Frísvimjing Menn  Entry list
31 expand   100m Blandað Kvinnur  Entry list
32 expand   400m Blandað Menn  Entry list
33 expand   100m Firvald Kvinnur  Entry list
34 expand   200m Frísvimjing Menn  Entry list
35 expand   200m Frísvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
36 expand   100m Ryggsvimjing Menn  Entry list
37 expand   50m Ryggsvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
38 expand   200m Firvald Menn  Entry list
39 expand   200m Bringusvimjing Kvinn  Entry list
40 expand   50m Bringusvimjing Menn  Entry list
41 expand   4X50m Frísvimjing Kvinnur  Entry list
42 expand   4X50m Frísvimjing Menn  Entry list

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